Studio Trojka was founded by Yuki Tango and Yuko Tsurumaru in London in 2001. Currently the product design practice is based in Sweden and in Japan. They design a wide range of products : furniture for home and offices, consumer electronics and everyday objects.

“Our aim is to design products with a certain university yet which stimulate our everyday life in a comfortable way. Being based in 2 countries, Sweden, where there is a long history of product design, and Japan, that has developed original and innovating lifestyles, we are looking for new possibilities that will last into the future.”

The word Trojka means "a group of three" in Russian. We are "a group of two" but the third person can be a client, a manufacturer or collaborator. When we work on projects, the existence of the third person is very important for us. We start from talking and sharing the problem by the tree of us. From there, we develop ideas that will produce innovating product designs. Since we use 3D modeling and animations at the stage of sketching, we can give concrete presentations from an early stage. later on, working our way through eventual difficulties and adding modifications onto the 3D data, we take it over to the production phase such as mould making. We also exchange the data with manufacturers so as to make finer modifications on details.